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Meet Your Coach, Matt Murray

Matt Murray, Successful Business Owner, Coach, HVAC/R Expert and Author

Matt Murray, Successful Business Owner, Coach, HVAC/R Expert and Author

Over 22 years ago Matt Murray started his career in the commercial HVAC & Refrigeration field. Today he is the Blue Collar King: a highly successful business owner, entrepreneur, author, coach and consultant. As such, Matt’s expertise goes far beyond “just” his technical expertise in the HVAC/R field. Matt is also an expert in leadership, business development, business systems & strategy, operations, strategic planning, sales and more.

Matt is the Founder and CEO of Evolution Mechanical, Inc., which serves the commercial and industrial HVAC/R market. He is the Founder and CEO of Blue Collar King Coaching & Consulting, through which he guides owners and would-be owners of service-based businesses in the blue

collar trades to success both personally and professionally. And he is the author of the book, “The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success: How to Create an Abundantly Fulfilled Lifestyle and Turn Your Service Business Into a Cash Flow Machine.”

Matt runs his life and his businesses based on strong core values, and is

passionate about helping others live happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

An avid outdoorsman, Matt often seeks out speed- and adrenaline-filled adventures. He loves fishing, piloting high-performance boats, going off-roading, flying small aircraft (he’s been a pilot since 2010), scuba diving and visiting white sand beaches. He particularly enjoys spending time with

his amazing wife and children, including taking family camping trips and going off the beaten path to explore the small fishing villages of Baja Mexico.

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